ELECON’s Active multi-source media hub (AMH) offers the simplicity of requiring no more than a single HDMI cable from the hub to TV. All source signals including AV and VGA are converted to an HD signal and sent via HDMI. For the guest this means no need to access complicated menus via the TV remote control in order to change the input source type, instead any input source will be converted automatically at the hub.

The AMH panel can also provide USB plug and play functionality via a compatible TV. For this function an extra USB will be required between the hub and a USB supported TV port.

To automatically change the TV to the hubs HDMI output the TV must support the HDMI CEC function. Elecon’s engineers will be glad to confirm compatibility with your TV make and model.

Features: Stylish and Customizable appearance
The hub components are customizable to each property’s requirements for blending with the hotel decor. Style features include a new aluminum finish in range of colors.
Convenient Bluetooth access An advanced Bluetooth module provides quick connection for enjoying
stereo music through the TV from mobile devices or computers that
support Bluetooth.
Multiple audio/video interfaces The hub provides VGA, AV, HDMI, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.
HD Conversion via Single Cable A simpler, neater design allows for easy installation and eliminates cord clutter.
Plug and Play Auto-detect function makes device connection quick and convenient.
1080P HD video transmission Dual-channel technology ensures full HD video transmission up to 1080p.
Play and Charge through USB1 USB media playback including video and device charging capability.
Integrated internet access Convenient wired internet access through standard RJ45 interface.


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