Elecon can provide an advanced Room Automation System. By linking the RCU’s on each floor to the hotel’s existing network infrastructure every room can be monitored by a central server. Providing real-time monitoring of the RCU device status and service signals for the hotel house-keeping and engineering staff.


Property Management System
By interfacing with the hotel PMS (Opera) Elecon’s Room Automation System will receive real-time check-in and check-out signals to provide for welcome scene and fast cooling on arrival plus energy profiles when the guest leaves the room temporarily and energy saving plans when the room is vacant/checked-out.

For example, after a guest checks out, the room status can be instantly relayed to the RCU and the lighting switched off, power sockets disabled, the curtains closed and the thermostat adjusted, providing important energy saving to the property. When a guest checks in, the RCU will receive a signal to prepare the room for the guest entrance, setting of lighting scene by time of day, opening curtains and setting the thermostat for fast cooling.

HotSOS (by Amadeus)
If the hotel has already implemented the HotSOS messaging system then Elecon can provide a custom interface with the E.R.A.S server so when the guest presses the Make-Up-Room, Laundry Pickup or other service call buttons inside the room these messages are instantly relayed to the HotSOS server and the staff mobile messaging devices.

E.R.A.S™ Elecon Room Automation System

Guest Room Management Software
Providing unique centralized monitoring and control of Elecons’ room control units our guest room management software is a one-stop solution that benefits the hotel engineering, housekeeping and management staff.

Elecon Network Diagram

HOME Summary

A quick snapshot of the room control units’ service status by floor or by group of rooms, showing if any rooms are off-line and the number of rooms currently checked-in, the room occupancy status and the status of any service requests.

Room Status

The status of each room shown by room number, floor number and room type. The room check-in status, the last check-out time, time of service indicators for Privacy (DND), Make-Up-Room (MUR), Laundry Pickup, Butler Call and also the open or closed status of doors.

Room Plans

Room plans for every room type showing the AC zone controlled by each thermostat and the location of motion and door sensors.

RCU Status

The network status and health of each room control unit with indicators for any components that might require attention.

AC Status & Performance Charts

These charts show the room occupancy and AC status of each FCU or AC zone including the fan speed, temperature set-point, the ambient room temperature and temperature differential analysis.

RCU Setup

Centralized control to modify the operational logic or setting parameters for individual room control units.

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