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ELECON AMH is the only Multimedia Hub in the market that is designed with few cables compared with other media hubs. This ELECON AMH requires only single HDMI cable from the back of hub to TV Screen. Not only fewer cables is the great advantage of our new introduced multimedia hub, but also guest doesn’t have to use remote control to change from TV channels to other sources, such as AV, VGA, and HDMI to find the right selection. All they have to do is to set the TV to HDMI source to play all media connect to ELECON AMH, in order to avoid confusion for which source they have to select.

The signal from sources connected to our ELECON AMH will be converted into HD signal and send to TV Screen via HDMI cable. USB port is possible for Play and Charge feature, that guest can connect USB device and play movies, music and photo. In this case, we will need USB Cable to connect from hub to TV Screen. Please take note that Play and Charge feature depends on model of TV that supports CEC function. We are willing to help doing demo to ensure that your selected TV model works with ELECON AMH.

  • Stylish appearance, touch control indicator of button
    It is designed with radiuses panel according to the latest European interior decoration style. We use high glaze lacquer to get piano lacquer effect, also provide a variety of color collocation to conform to the hotel design. The whole product has artistic and fashionable visual impact, which can strengthen the high-end hotels brand image.
  • Convenient Bluetooth access
    To connect to the big flat-screen TV more conveniently, during designing ELECON AMH, we considered the wireless access, increase the Bluetooth module, which only requires the hotel customers to turn on the Bluetooth function as soon as they can enjoy the stereo sonic music through the big flat-screen TV.
  • Multiple Audio/video interface
    The media hub not only has VGA, AV interface, it also has latest HDMI interface, wireless Bluetooth interface and so on, thus make customer need not worry about their device has no the new interface. They can enjoy the music and others conveniently.
  • HD converting with one cable
    It converts all signal into HD signal via only one HDMI cable connecting to the HD TV, thus avoiding many cables appearing behind the TV cause by accessing a variety of personal entertainment devices to TV, and it also make the construction deployment of products conveniently.
  • Plug and Play
    Unique Auto Detect function gives users more convenience. When users connect their own equipment to the AMH, it can auto-choose the audio/video resources to display them. It can avoid the incorrect manipulation and reduce the times of operations.
  • 1080P HD video transmission
    It can support full HD video transmission up to 1080P. Dual-channel technology of Peoriv ensures that the MHA can support full HD video transmission up to 1080P.
  • Playing & Charging though USB
    ANH can charge for personal digital devices through the USB interface, it can also transmit the video files of personal digital devices to the TV, which can support USB playback.
  • Compatible iPhone/iPad Dock
    More convenient for Apple fans to use the iPhone and other equipment, AMH can make Apple fans enjoy the entertainment experience which brought by the iPhone/iPad special interface through the way of assorting the wired or wireless dock.
  • Support the USB printing
    For the hotel guest can print their files conveniently in the room, AMH also has the printer interface, which makes the high-end business people printing conveniently.
  • Integrated internet accessing
    AMH can provide wired internet accessing through a standard RJ45 interface, which can make using conveniently.


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